Are You A Blessing?

If you sleep inside at night, you’re among the world’s privileged, because one out of three live without adequate shelter. You’re rich. Read a good book lately? Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or even sign their name. You’re rich. Did you watch a favorite television show last night? One [...]

Practicing Gratitude at Thanksgiving

There's a turkey to brine, bathrooms to clean, tables to set and lists to check. Thoughts like these consume us each November. But have we lost the most important part of the Thanksgiving holiday? How sad it is that these get most of our attention. It’s understandable that planning for the day’s celebration is necessary, [...]

Even If I Don’t Survive

Friday and Saturday were glorious this past week. The sun was bright, yet the air had a cool bite to it in the early hours. Lew and I celebrated our anniversary by peddling different rail trails in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Not only celebrate the day but to look back over the years of our marriage [...]

Slowing Down with Purpose

Rush here. Push to get through there. Check your watch—you still may have time to fit one more stop in before you’re late. This summer has been packed with activity, going from one state to another visiting family and friends. All of it was good, but somewhere along the way I lost a sense of [...]

Remember the Sparrow

My agent asked me to write a pitch letter for her to use when promoting my memoir, "Ten Days to Live", recounting when I discovered I had a brain tumor. That seemed easy enough. I started pulling facts together; reasons why people would want to read my book. While researching, I ran across some incredible [...]

Mason Jar, 2015

I love keeping a Mason jar on a table on the edge of our family room; located at the hub of all the house's traffic. It isn't at all fancy. I've been asked more times than I can count why it's there. But it's purpose is powerful. I wrote about the Mason jar before and thought [...]

Welcome 2015 in a Healthy Way

We're standing on the threshold of a new year ... 2015. What will it hold for us? What purposes are waiting for us? I will be participating in the 21-Day Daniel Fast starting January 1. This is something I have been doing in one form or another for the past six years. If you have ever [...]