Robin’s journey started from a town of 33 people in northwest Ohio. She’s first a lover of Jesus, then wife and mom … and in her spare time a writer and national speaker. She has spoken to thousands of women from Dallas to Delaware. Robin’s goal is to reach women with practical teaching, sharing honestly and transparently of God’s mercy and grace that waits for us all. She holds nothing back, often sharing the darkest moments of her life and how God met her where she was. Her message: God wants to free you from bondage.


Here’s Robin’s interview with Leading Hearts Magazine:

Hear one of Robin’s latest interviews with Tina Yeager as they discussed God’s Best During Your Worst.

Read about Robin in the April 2020 issue of Leading Hearts Magazine.


Most Requested Topics for Keynotes:

Healing After Divorce – So many people have been touched by the pain of divorce. Hear how God wants everyone traumatized to be healed from its pain.

Trusting God in Adversity – “I’m so sorry, Robin. You may have only days to live. Can I get a priest or the hospital Chaplin for you?” How does someone prepare for the worst day of their life?

 Forgiving the Unforgivable – Has someone hurt you so much that your life has been changed forever? You can forgive lots, but can you forgive that? Learn how God wants to bring you through the dark valleys that we all find ourselves in.


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