Being a Friend to Someone with Cancer

don’t fight your friends, fight cancer

I saw this post by Kim Keller and thought it was appropriate for anyone who has had brain surgery, too.

I realize being a friend to someone with “a condition” can be challenging, but a true friend only needs instruction. They’ll happily pick up the rest. After all, you’re friends right?

Check out What Your Friend With Cancer Wants You to Know

Mason Jar, 2015

good deeds jar

good deeds jar

I love keeping a Mason jar on a table on the edge of our family room; located at the hub of all the house’s traffic. It isn’t at all fancy. I’ve been asked more times than I can count why it’s there. But it’s purpose is powerful. I wrote about the Mason jar before and thought I’d share again …

You may want to consider having a Mason jar–a good deeds jar–on a table in your house.

Welcome 2015 in a Healthy Way

Daniel Fast picWe’re standing on the threshold of a new year … 2015. What will it hold for us? What purposes are waiting for us?

I will be participating in the 21-Day Daniel Fast starting January 1. This is something I have been doing in one form or another for the past six years. If you have ever thought about fasting but never understood its power or significance, here are a few reasons why people fast.

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Depression and the Holidays


christmas starsHolidays. They’re supposed to be a time of celebration and gaiety. But if you’re in the clutches of depression, this holiday season can serve up darkness on a platter to you. And if your life has been touched by the ramifications of a brain tumor, depression can be magnified. Maybe you’re watching someone you love learn to walk again. Maybe it’s you who is dealing with finding your new normal. Or maybe you’ve lost someone–a spouse, friend or even child–to this terrible condition. Continue reading

Breaking the News About Grandpa’s Suicide

J. G. Gilbert & Robin Gilbert Luftig at Lake Lavine, MI, Summer 1958

J. G. Gilbert & Robin Gilbert Luftig at Lake Lavine, MI, Summer 1958

As some of you may know, my father committed suicide at the age of 51. My oldest child was only a baby. I could deal with the tragedy without trying to explain it in details to my son.

With the cheer of the Christmas holidays also comes clouds of depression. Suicide is most prevalent during of after holidays. With that in mind, please check out this series of posts by Ryan Haack.


The Gift of Time

Lew & Roba 2010

Lew & Robin, 1 year post Robin’s brain surgery

Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream.  Kahlil Gibran

Thanksgiving and Christmas … two holidays wrapped up in gratitude and appreciation. But how do you celebrate these two holidays when you’re hurting, scared or dealing with limitations?

You celebrate the gift of time.


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