Slowing Down with Purpose

slow downRush here. Push to get through there. Check your watch—you still may have time to fit one more stop in before you’re late.

This summer has been packed with activity, going from one state to another visiting family and friends. All of it was good, but somewhere along the way I lost a sense of purpose.

There was a day not too long ago I savored each moment because I didn’t know how many more moments were left for me.

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What Do You See in the Eyes of Your Children?

eyesIt’s amazing how grownups think they know everything. How we know what’s right for everyone. Dad’s work long hours to provide trinkets and baubles for the family. Moms stay busy “finding themselves”.

If you have a moment to spend on Twitter, search #Hatedivorce and see what comes up. My heart broke when I read all the posts from kids who wanted nothing more than a healthy home life.

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A Reminder of a Father’s Love

J. G. Gilbert & Robin Gilbert Luftig at Lake Lavine, MI, Summer 1958

J. G. Gilbert & Robin Gilbert Luftig at Lake Lavine, MI, Summer 1958

To celebrate Father’s Day, I’m re-posting a blog I shared that exemplified my relationship with my father. I’d love to hear stories from you about the relationship you have (or had) with yours. I pray it was as loving as mine was …

How do I say …?

I sometimes wish I could change my world.

Going through brain surgery to remove a ginormous tumor—and living a blessed life afterward—gives me a glimpse of the realization that not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

Without a doubt, I thank God every morning before my feet hit the floor for the opportunity to live one more day. I understand what it’s like to see the possible end of my life come into focus. I understand what comes with looking out into the “ever after”.

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Happy Endings Delayed

I spend a lot of time writing and speaking on the peace that comes with a relationship with Christ–while even having a brain tumor. However, I think we sometimes forget (I know I do) that there may be a process needed to go through to attain complete peace—what is found in the arms of Jesus.

Glenda Weldy tells of her period of time caregiving her husband Roger, as he battled a brain tumor. You can find her journey at As I read Chapter 12, my heart broke. Let’s never forget caregivers and the pain they endure.


I wonder …

Ever wonder how two people are afflicted with the same type of brain tumor one goes on to live a fulfilling life while the other one can’t?

Ever wonder why when two people are afflicted with the same type of brain tumor one praises God for the outcome and the other one blames God?

Ever wonder how life can seem so easy for some and yet so incredibly difficult for others?

I think God may wonder, too.

Christians are Messed Up People AND They are Perfect People

Robin Gilbert Luftig:

Caroline understands what it is to be a Christian and explains it very well in her latest post. I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted on Beautiful Life with Cancer:

In an incredible oversimplication, I am going to make a statement, “There are two types of nonchristians.” They are:

1. Those that believe that christians are really screwed up. They are wrong.

2. Those that believe that christians are perfect people. They are wrong.

They are both wrong, but they can not both be right. (This sounds a little like “who is on first” if you know that joke).

Ok. First, those that believe Christians are really screwed up. Yes! Christians are so messed up, they realize that they need Jesus. That is the definition of a Christian: A sinner that seeks Jesus for forgiveness. I, myself, claim how messed up Christians are constantly in my writings. But these are the people that conclude: christianity is not true because Christians sin. They walk away from the church because they are a bunch of hypocrites or because their christian uncle was…

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