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God’s Best … and COVID-19

  Are you looking for God in this pandemic but are not seeing him? Do you think he’s washed his hands of us? Did this…

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New Decade, New Year … Now What?

Originally posted January 17, 2019 You’re deep into January now. You set your jaw when the ball dropped welcoming the new year. You promised, this…

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A Friend to All Women

To my lady friends (or to men who know a lady). Check out Jillian Lancour and her Clothes and Curves website. She is truly a…

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Learning to Bloom Again is Finally Here!

Finally! Learning to Bloom Again: Walking through Forgiveness After Divorce is available. Not only is it available, but for May 8th, it’s free. Check it…

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Never Lose Hope

If you’ve never heard Dr. Rick Rigsby, take a moment and listen to what he has to say. Goalcast’s recording of a speech he gave…

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Mason Jar Blessings

Welcome, February! Check out my article in the last Leading Hearts magazine. Begin your own mason jar full of blessings!

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Missing Being Single And Missing Being In A Relationship

Holidays can bring the best–or worst– out of us. Wish you were single and dodge all the landmines of holidays while in a relationship? Or…

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Writing with TBI Challenges

Writing isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. There are long hours with no promise of success. You sweat. Dream. You claw your way from…

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Serving Others

Some blogs are so profound they touch your heart. Other blogs stay with you because of their simplicity and honesty. Cory Lebovitz’s post falls into…

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7 Views on Writing

Mitch Teemley writes the best blogs. They’re funny, insightful, thought-provoking or just down-right entertaining. Here’s another post that may have you nodding your head in agreement….

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