During my morning devotion, I was reminded of Jesus and his relationship with the men and women who followed him. They were all excited about the expectation of being released from Roman bondage. They saw Jesus’ miracles, heard how he put the Pharisees in their place and even that he walked on water.

Their Messiah had arrived!

But Jesus warned them of what was to come.  They had a dream; a picture in their minds of what messiah and savior meant. They had pre-conceived ideas of what their Messiah would do for them. Fortunately for us, their ideas didn’t really match Jesus’ plan.

I see Americans reacting in the same way when it comes to politics. We have preconceived ideas as to what would make this country whole again. Some say it’s the Right while others say it’s the Left. Some say Obama while others say Romney. I’ve even heard the argument that if Jesus was alive today, he would be a member of one party and not the other.


While Jesus respected the authority of government, he never ran for office or involved himself in politics. He was more concerned with eternity. The only movement he focused on was training twelve ordinary men in the ways of their Heavenly Father.

And I praise God that he succeeded.

Political parties and platforms come and go, but God’s word stands the test of time. If I’m available, I might watch some of the presidential debate tonight. But what I make sure to do during my days is focus on what is never-changing. And what remain constant are God’s promises.

God word tells us how to find peace.

God’s word tells us how to live forever.

God word tells us about abundance.

God’s word tells us how to live our lives.

God’s word even tells us many things will happen before he returns, so why, then, do so may wring their hands over political outcomes?

For me, there are so many of God’s promises that I need to fully comprehend. I have little time to get upset over the political colors of red or blue. In this political season, I will not be swayed by rhetoric. I am and will continue to be swayed by the promise of God.