Focus the New Year

I read The Write Conversation this morning and thought it was brilliant and had to share. Indeed … I’m choosing "indeed" as my word of the year. Here’s why:     Exodus 3:7                          God sees us and our blights Psalms 85:12                      God promises good things Psalms 121:4                      God promises protection Proverbs 2:3                       God promises wisdom [...]

More Than I Ever Expected

I returned home just a few hours ago from my first Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference at Ridgecrest, NC. As I unpacked my bags, I tried to get my thoughts around my experiences there. I met some incredibly gifted Writers, all friendly and willing to offer support. I met a number of Editors who [...]

A Dealing-with-Brokenness Fast for 2013

Every January I start the new year with a food fast. Trying to accept my brokenness may have contributed to my attitude, but I find something exciting about the experience of a fast. I start the fast for two reasons. First, my weight has been a challenge because I’m still dealing with the ramifications of [...]

Panic Set In

Panic set in this morning; when my alarm went off it was still dark outside. Summer is leaving! My first reaction was to try and make it stay. There were so many experiences I still wanted to have during the Summer of 2012. There were still places I wanted to visit and people I wanted [...]

Treasures in Dad’s Room

Even though my family of origin was pretty dysfunctional, one of my favorite pastimes when I’m feeling a bit low is to remember stories about my dad and how he honored my feelings and held them close to his heart. I always jumped at the chance to be with Dad in his room—the Gun Room. [...]

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

I have never re-blogged another person's words, but Dannah Gresh's words need to be shared. God bless you, Dannah, and all other women who boldly stand on keeping their mind on things that are: true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

Review of Ascent From Darkness, Michael Leehan

From an early age, life seemed to leave Mike wanting. His family life was dysfunctional, he never felt safe due to suffering a nearly lethal attack from a stranger, and he had been labeled suicidal due to an accidental overdose from pain pills and alcohol. In his search for relief from fear and desperation he [...]

Déjà vu all over again

Living in Central PA, life is spectacular. Beauty is all around and easy to take for granted. It wasn’t all that long ago birds were waking me in the morning with incredible harmonies. When I went outside today I realized that the robins are no longer here; they’ve left Summer ’11 behind. It is now [...]