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God’s Best During Your Worst: A Preview

God’s Best During Your Worst: A Preview

How big does God need to be?

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of tragedy, it’s difficult to grasp God’s presence and comfort.

I should know.

After suffering a seizure on April 1, 2011, doctors found a tumor on my brain and told me I may only have ten days to live. I spent those ten days seeking answers. Why was I facing such horror? What had I done to cause this? Was God punishing me?

Was God even there?
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2019 AWSA Conference in Murfreesboro

2019 AWSA Conference in Murfreesboro

Pardon me for as I offer a bit of shameful self-promotion.

Look what was included in the August/September 2019 edition of Leading Hearts Magazine. Here’s a copy of a full-page ad (page 34) handed out at the 2019 AWSA conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee last month.

If you pull up the magazine, before you even get to page 34 and after, you’ll see wonderful information from terrific women who love talking about Jesus. While I smile at what I found in the publication on Page 34, my heart sings from what this this magazine offers. Be blessed by the stories and articles shared in this publication.

Let me know what you liked best from these articles. What stories moved your heart?


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