God’s Best During Your Worst

What would you do if your world suddenly fell apart? If everything you ever counted on turned to dust? That’s what Robin Luftig faced when a sudden seizure led to the discovery of a brain tumor. Her diagnosis was grim. Doctors gave Robin, founder of Renew Ministries, ten days to set her affairs right.


With less than two weeks left before her life-threatening surgery, Robin struggled with the possibility of losing everything. She faced experiences undone, journeys never wandered, loved ones left behind. Resolved to not waste another second, Robin spent her last ten days relishing every moment and seeking the answer to her most pressing question—Are God’s promises meant for me?


Follow Robin as she paves the path, walking with God through the greatest trial of her life. See how she challenged her beliefs with vigorous honesty, producing insight that exceeded her wildest expectations. She invites the reader—no, challenges them—to enter the new depths of peace that await.

Plus God’s Best During Your Worst Guided Journal!

This Guided Journal will help you reach beyond your initial discoveries in the book God’s Best During Your Worst. You will develop a GoPro-view of your journey and learn to understand your pain. Accept your Past. Understand your present. And most importantly, prepare for your future. This is a place to write the answers to your questions and journal your thoughts.


Embrace this process with this guided journal. God’s cheering you on–encouraging you to peel off one more layer of the emotional onion that ha held you captive.



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Updated Release


LEARNING TO BLOOM AGAIN: walking through forgiveness after divorce is a new revision of FROM PAIN TO PEACE. It offers updated statistics and information.


BLOOMING AGAIN IS NOT SOMETHING THAT GROWS OVERNIGHT. Robin Luftig offers insights of interviews from several who have—and have not found—peace through forgiveness after divorce. Peace for some bloomed after months, others took years … but those who learned these value lessons were glad they did.


BUT IT’S THE BEST STEP TOWARD HEALING YOU’LL MAKE. Learn how to embrace who you are, and know you are worth the effort. Learn from God’s word that there are new beginnings … even after divorce.


AUTHOR ROBIN LUFTIG is the founder of Renew Ministries She is also a nationally-known speaker for Stonecroft Ministries and columnist for the magazine Leading Hearts and online publications such as OneChristianVoice.com and CBN.com. Robin also has two projects in the pipeline, a nonfiction as well as fiction, soon to be released. Robin and her husband Lew have five children and live in Central PA.


Coming, August 2020 … Ladies of the Fire, a novel

Can a woman on the run find herself again?


In 1969, Lily-Rose Pembrick is a happily married mother of two living in Lincoln, Nebraska. After the accidental death of her wealthy husband, her disinherited brother-in-law, Christopher Pembrick, is overcome with anger and threatens to kill Lily-Rose and her children. Lily-Rose flees, landing in Applegate, Ohio. There, she bonds with neighbors Sugar Bowersox and Fiona Kasey over her backyard firepit and together they struggle to find their purpose. She also meets Cole Matheson, high school coach and pastor of the local church who seeks his own purpose and considers it an answer to prayer when he meets Lily-Rose.


Their lives intertwine as danger catches up to Lily-Rose. Will her friendships and the God she finds complete the life she longs for or will her past catch up to her? In a face-off between good and evil, will Lily-Rose find the strength and wisdom needed to save herself and her children?


Watch for this!



Finalist Article for Selah Award …

“Mason Jar Blessings”, Leading Heart Magazine, December 2018

Mason Jar Blessings


Years ago, a seasoned writer and speaker mentored me on how to build the ministry God had given me.


We’d meet for coffee and discussed everything from adapting to different cultures to dealing with the zingers I’d get from posting God’s promises on social media. I took notes, asked questions and basked in her wisdom. One December day she paused from talking, reached across the table, took ahold of my hands and looked me into my eyes. Then waited.


“What?” I asked.


She smiled. “You’re doing wonderfully bracing for the unknown. But don’t forget to ponder what you already know.”


“Right,” I said, eager to please my mentor. “I make it a point to read Scripture and do my devotionals every day. And I read what other women are doing in their ministries to further God’s message. I’m seeking out ways to be a better servant.” I thought I had given the perfect answer.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Linda. Unforgiveness can control more than the couple splitting. Children, in-laws and friends all need to deal with the ramifications of divorce. But it doesn’t have to be a death sentence to a person’s self image.

      It’s not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort.


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