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Journal entry: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 6:30 a.m.

Facing a life-threatening surgery due to her recently discovered brain tumor, Robin has ten days to choose between rejecting the God she once resented or trusting the God she’s come to love.

“I arrived at the hospital last night by ambulance. The halls and waiting areas were crazy-busy with people everywhere. Gurneys and wheelchairs lined every hallway—each holding patients with a variety of ailments. Wish they could change emergency room smells. They are always the same: a mixture of antiseptics, urine and vomit.”

So starts the journey of Robin’s life—could she trust what she believed to be real? Could she trust God with her life? She only has ten days to find out.

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First Book:
2016 cover
Books about failed marriages abound on bookstore shelves. Readers in search of resources to re-energize themselves in the wake of a divorce can find vast and varied literature on inward and outward healing. So why another book on divorce? From Pain to Peace offers a unique perspective on post-marriage relationships. The premise of this work is that everyone benefits from establishing healthy relationships after divorce — primarily ex-spouses, but also the children and other family members and friends. This book promotes the act of forgiveness that lies at the heart of the healing process. Written in a lively and engaging style and using frequent support from Scripture, this book offers a Christian view on the subject. Also included are personal experiences as well as testimonials from others to support this premise. Stories are included from people in variety of roles — for example, ex-spouses, ex-in-laws, children, and stepchildren — who share their feelings and experiences and who recount stories of their own divorce process.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Linda. Unforgiveness can control more than the couple splitting. Children, in-laws and friends all need to deal with the ramifications of divorce. But it doesn’t have to be a death sentence to a person’s self image.

      It’s not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort.


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