Turn Your Back on Valentine’s Day, If You Dare

Valentine’s Day is this week. Fellas are in the grocery store, standing in front of the card section looking lost and bewildered. Or you may see them at the jewelry store in the mall—because that’s where TV commercials tell them to go.

And ladies get caught in the same traps. We watch gushy movies that tell us what perfect mates do to show love. We see those commercials, too. They tell us we’re to expect a box of chocolates and some sort of bauble. That’s when we’ll know he loves us.

I bought into that story too and was disappointed more times than not. Either the trinket wasn’t exactly right or the chocolate wasn’t dark enough. It wasn’t as I expected. It wasn’t like the commercial or the gushy movie. Continue reading

How Writers Can Survive the War Against Social Media

The war against Social Media is strong. And I understand where all this energy comes from.

I read hatred oozing from posts daily. Many people I know are leery to share an opinion because by doing so it automatically paints a target on their account for the venom to be aimed at them.

Yet writers are encouraged to build a platform and use Social Media. So what’s an author to do?

Edie Melson’s latest post hits it out of the park with a fresh perspective on how writers can survive this battle.

There is hope. Social Media does not have to be a dank, dark, place of ugliness. It’s our responsibility to share good and stay focused. Thanks, Edie

When We Seek Healing, We Will Find It

It takes courage and strength to seek healing to the point of sharing the dark corners of our lives; the ones we most desperately try to hide. But that’s what Sheila Walsh does in her latest book, In the Middle of the Mess: Strength for This Beautiful, Broken Life (Thomas Nelson).

People are rarely who we think. And reading the transparent and vulnerable words from the co-host of Life Today with James and Betty Robinson offers a perfect example. As soon as I read the Introduction, I knew this book would be life-changing.

And I was not wrong. Continue reading

Striving to Worship Like Job

The book of Job offers an amazing story! Here’s a man who had everything—great family, properties, wealth and position—and Satan took it all away. But there’s so much more. It isn’t so much the perils that my focus landed on, but on Job’s determination to stay focused and always praise God.

He praised God when he lost his good health. That’s where I pulled up and parked.

Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late

As we usher in the new year, watch the movies, eat lots of goodies and kiss your sweetie at midnight. But don’t forget the Creator.

Happy New Year!