Most Requested Topics for Keynotes:

Healing After Divorce So many people have been touched by the pain of divorce. Hear how God wants everyone traumatized to be healed from its pain.

Trusting God in Adversity “I’m so sorry, Robin. You may have only days to live. Can I get a priest or the hospital Chaplin for you?” How does someone prepare for the worst day of their life?

 Forgiving the Unforgivable Has someone hurt you so much that your life has been changed forever? You can forgive lots, but can you forgive that? Learn how God want to bring you though the dark valleys that we all find ourselves in.

Words on the Street About Robin: 

“Robin lifts up her audiences while sharing God’s grace, mercy, and acceptance in her programs and books. She captures broken souls with her humor and heart for the Lord. Her honesty, delivery, and scriptural foundations shows God’s presence in her life struggles through dysfunctional relationships, divorce—and even dealing with a brain tumor. Her love for the Lord is contagious.”

Carolyn Knefely
Co-Founder, Christian Communicators


“Robin embraces real-life questions, fears, and other emotions with transparency as she shares with first-hand experience of God’s incredible gift of grace and mercy. While no one desires to face trials, what she gained through the experience was worth anything she lost in the process.”

Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist
Author, Hope Prevails


“God sometimes asks ‘Do you trust me?’ when uncertainty hits. Years ago Robin was given only ten days to live due to a brain tumor, but now encourages others how to trust God with her story of faith and trust.”

Nancy Kay Grace
Living Life Unedited Radio Show


Robin connects to the hearts of hurting women. Her courage in sharing how God’s Grace and Mercy helped her overcome life’s tragedies is inspiring as she offers God’s promise of healing with heartfelt compassion.

Lori Boruff,
Stonecroft speaker and Christian Communicators Co-director



Email me:

Twitter: RobinLuftig

Facebook: Robin Luftig, Author


Mailing Address:

I enjoy sharing with my readers. If you have a book you’d like me to consider for review, please send it to the address below. Note: I will try to read everything but only write reviews for the books I enjoy.

Robin Luftig
PO Box 203
Enola, PA 17025

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