Brain Tumor: The Day the Dam Broke

2011-04-10 01.59.03 April 1, 2011, was the day the dam broke. That’s the day my life changed forever. That’s the day I had the seizure that left me temporarily paralyzed on my right side. That’s the day doctors found my brain tumor.

That’s the day I learned my brain tumor had been growing between ten and twelve years. That’s the day I realized doctors had made a mistake when they told me the twitching in my hand had been from aging. That’s the day the doctors told me to get my affairs in order because I needed surgery. That’s the day they couldn’t promise I’d live through it. That’s the day when my husband of only four years had to look at the possibility of caring for a person who would forever be less than who she was when he married her.

2011-04-10 01.59.03-1That’s the day the dam broke. That’s the day I needed to know exactly who I was and what I believed.

That’s the day scriptures I had memorized came to life. Scriptures like Hebrews 13:5, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” and Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…”

That’s the day I knew I’d never be as I had been. March 31,2011 had been a day like any other, but the next day opened the door to a new world that I will forever be thankful for. That’s the day the dam broke flooding my life with challenges and blessings. Kept promises and blessings. Comforts beyond measure … and more blessings.

When the dam breaks in your life … and one day it will … I hope you are ready. It may not be a brain tumor for you like it was for me. But it will happen.

Could you handle a breaking dam in your life?

5 thoughts on “Brain Tumor: The Day the Dam Broke

  1. Thank God for the day when the damn breaks. Mine was a little over six years ago when my wife of 40 years died early of cancer. Pastor, father, husband and all round good guy’s damn broke. Life gets redefined, recreated and made new all over again.

    I thought I knew truth. I did. Really, But now I was gaining experiences on living in places spiritually I had only previously known from maps.

    Thanks for being here, and thanks for being You.

    • Thanks Roy, for taking the time to leave your powerful comment. Truth, it’s an interesting thing. I too, thought I knew Truth. But what I realized I knew were Facts. Cold, hard, facts. I then opened myself to Truth and was surprised that in Truth we find Mercy and Grace. I’ll take Truth over Facts any time. I hope you follow my blog. My hope is that Truth spills from it.


      • Just a thought. I believe we will always remain humans. How wonderful is that! And as such, we will stay in an eternal condition of exploring and learning the face of Truth.

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