Tragedies come in different shapes and sizes. But the worst tragedy is when it’s your own.

Robin Luftig answers the questions, “Does God see me when life falls apart—and if He does, does He even care? How do I get beyond all this pain?

In the pages of God’s Best During Your Worst (Bold Vision Books), author Robin Luftig shares how due to a life-or-death experience she learned how to process a variety of emotions and maintain peace. She offers the reader insight on how to maneuver through the emotions of their own tragedy.

You may think the harder you push past the pain from a devastating situation, the easier it is to move beyond its shock and get back to normal. But you soon learn that isn’t the path to healing a broken heart. God’s Best During Your Worst explains it isn’t how hard you work, but how honestly you face what shakes your foundation. From that place of honesty deep inside your heart is where the power Is birthed to eradicate pain.

In addition to stories of others’ tragedies and seemingly impossible situations, the author tells of her own worst situation. Robin reveals how she pushed past the shock of learning she may only have days to live due to a newly-found brain tumor. Along her journey, the author addresses topics of confusion, doubt, preparation, trust, heartache, surrender, faith, gratitude, hope, and grace. She also spends time on how to understand and process each emotion to their fullest. The vulnerability and honesty she shares from the beginning of her ordeal through to her life’s new normal will inspire and encourage readers. Robin asks questions after each chapter and encourages the reader to journal their thoughts and feelings as they read, often having them revisit what they have written.

Sheila Walsh, inspirational speaker and author, In the Middle of the Mess says, “Robin’s story is not an easy read. It’s brutally honest and transparent about the reality of pain and brokenness. But as you take this journey with her one thing is unmistakable, the love, mercy and companionship of Christ.”

Jarrid Wilson, Pastor and author, Live is Oxygen, says, Robin’s story is full of honesty and transparency. This roadmap for others showcases both the power and beauty of God‘s grace, as well staying true to the rawness of what it’s like to experience brokenness and pain.”

ROBIN LUFTIG is a national speaker and an award-nominated author. She speaks independently as well as with Stonecroft Ministries. She also supports writers through Word Weavers International.

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