Originally posted January 17, 2019

You’re deep into January now. You set your jaw when the ball dropped welcoming the new year. You promised, this year would be your year. This time you’d make it for sure. You made resolutions and have white-knuckled it for days now.

But now you’re weary and losing hope.

Or … you’re in ministry and watching those around you struggle with addictions that seem to own them. How do you help?

You’re in need of a Recovery Revival. Recovery comes in different shapes and sizes.

  • Maybe you want to lose ten pounds.
  • Maybe you want to better yourself in other ways.
  • Maybe you want to get out of a violent relationship.

No matter what your goal is, stop struggling alone. Check out Jonathan Daughtery‘s blog, What Might Recover Revival Look Like. He shows how God takes white knuckles and turns them into praising hands.

Everyone is broken. Some problems seem worse than others, but each can be healed.

You set the goal. Made the resolution. If you can’t do it on your own, reach out for help.

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