How big does God need to be?

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of tragedy, it’s difficult to grasp God’s presence and comfort.

I should know.

After suffering a seizure on April 1, 2011, doctors found a tumor on my brain and told me I may only have ten days to live. I spent those ten days seeking answers. Why was I facing such horror? What had I done to cause this? Was God punishing me?

Was God even there?

As you can see, I lived past the promised ten days. Since then, I’ve written a book, God’s Best During Your Worst (Bold Vision Books, coming out in the Spring, 2020), that not only touches on my journey but shows the reader how to find comfort during their tragedy as well. Could you be facing your own horror? It may not be a physical one. Maybe your heart is filled with questions of its own:

Why did my spouse gamble and get us in this financial bind?

Why can’t I get beyond the shame of the abortion I had thirty years ago?

Why didn’t God intervene when your spouse had an affair?

Why was my son hit by a drunk driver?

Why can’t I move past my anger?

Tragedies can shape our lives in ways we never wanted. Let me show you how God walked me through my catastrophe. And I’ll share the secrets I found along the way … from men in Scripture to trusted contemporaries … how you can find your way out of your Worst time in your life.

It’s a tall order, but God’s waiting to see you through. Keep watching. I’ll give you peeks into a chapter or two before the spring publication. It’s my hope … to bring you hope. And possibly healing.

God’s Best can tackle any of your Worst.

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    1. Me too! It’s been a long journey. Miss you, my friend. I hope to see you after all the craziness calms down.

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