Valentine’s Day is this week. Fellas are in the grocery store, standing in front of the card section looking lost and bewildered. Or you may see them at the jewelry store in the mall—because that’s where TV commercials tell them to go.

And ladies get caught in the same traps. We watch gushy movies that tell us what perfect mates do to show love. We see those commercials, too. They tell us we’re to expect a box of chocolates and some sort of bauble. That’s when we’ll know he loves us.

I bought into that story too and was disappointed more times than not. Either the trinket wasn’t exactly right or the chocolate wasn’t dark enough. It wasn’t as I expected. It wasn’t like the commercial or the gushy movie.
Let’s face it. Even though Valentine’s Day comes wrapped in red hearts and flowers, it’s a holiday that sets everyone up for failure.


Am I a pessimist? I don’t think so. I think most men want to make their honeys happy on February 14th. In fact, I think they want them happy all year round.

I think that way because it’s my experience.

My husband brings me breakfast in bed every day because he wants to honor me. He doesn’t get upset with me when I hog the remote. He’ll sit with me and watches sappy love stories and give me tissues when I need to wipe tears away. He tells me that I’m beautiful when I know I’ve gained weight and he never misses making over my latest haircut, even when it may look less than stellar. But what I find most loving and sexy, is this man loves God first and me second.

By loving God first and loving me the way Scripture tells him to, he makes every day Valentine’s Day.

Knock yourself out if you must celebrate Valentine’s Day. Buy your cards and eat in crowded restaurants. You’ll get no judgment from me. But know that I’ll be curled up on the couch with my husband, catching up on DVR’d TV shows, munching on popcorn and thanking God that I’ve been blessed with a man who understands my heart.

If you’ve been blessed, please enjoy your sweetie in the manner that suits you best.

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