Lew and I have been keeping a Mason Jar of Blessings and Goodness for years. The idea is to write on a piece of paper good things or experiences that happened over the year and collect the slivers of paper in a mason jar. At the end of the year, open the jar and enjoy the reminders of all the goodness we had experienced.

I keep the jar in a visible place so I can see the stack of papers grow. And if for some reason the stack isn’t growing as I’d like, seeing the jar spurs me on to do something good. That way I have something to write about and put in the jar. When New Year Eve comes around, we open the jar and review all the goodness.

Week after week I look for goodness and blessings to write about. I don’t want an empty jar at the end of the year. Items like completed projects around the house. Writing achievements. Lew’s biking trips. Lives touched, or stories of others who touched our lives.

Every time I walk by and look at the jar, my heart smiles. I remembered writing about the big things that happened last year. But inevitably I’ve added more paper pieces than just on those. I am reminded–even without knowing what they are–that there are long forgotten little kisses of blessings and goodness waiting for me.

I can’t wait until Lew and I celebrate New Year’s Eve and open the Mason Jar of Blessings and Goodness. I need to remember to put a note in the jar that you chose to follow this blog. That’s a blessing beyond good.

This has been a turbulent year for many. Maybe you have had more downs than ups. Reminders of good happenings are too few. We all need to try to remember them. In fact, I’m all ready to start again for 2018. But this time I think I need to find a taller jar!

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