I enjoyed August 2017’s eclipse as did many others as we all watched the event through our NASA-approved glasses. I saw the sun’s shape slowly change to a crescent, then disappear behind a circle of black.

Pretty cool.

I read several social media posts from eclipse watchers, sharing their thoughts and feelings about how awesome God was to show us such beauty.

It was truly beautiful.

But let’s not forget that God’s beauty is also in a tiny wren’s song. Have you ever wondered how such a big song could come from such a little creature?

Beyond incredible.

As we all settle back into our post-eclipse lives, let’s not forget that the same God that offered the magnificence of the eclipse offers sights just as powerful every day. He offers power in whispers. We just need to take the time to listen for them. And when we hear them, they are truly magnificent. Some, I’d say, are just as spectacular and awe-inspiring as an eclipse. It’s our choice to seek, acknowledge and appreciate them.

Do you hear God’s whispers for you today? What’s happening that causes you to pause and marvel at His extravagant gifts?

2 thoughts on “After the Eclipse: Now What?

  1. This weekend, I collected two monarch butterfly caterpillars. I made them a home in an empty pretzel container, and they promptly formed chrysalises. It was truly a whisper of wonder. Thanks for this post, Robin!

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