You know how you meet someone through Social Media and you are immediately drawn to them by the power of their words? Michelle Munt is like that for me. 

Check out her description of time after her brain injury. Each time I read her work I find myself saying, “Yes, that’s what happened to me, too!”

I would say I’m busy most days and yet I don’t get much done. Since my brain injury time just flies past me. Or am I just really slow?

Source: Where does the time go? A day flies by after brain injury – #jumbledbrain

3 thoughts on “Where does the time go? A day flies by after brain injury – #jumbledbrain

  1. Robin,
    Thank you for sharing and for sharing Michelle Munt’s info!
    In 2015, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I still don’t understand how all this works but I do know that it can cause brain injury symptoms. I have gone from being a very organized, list person to struggling to come out from under the cloud, and wondering why as a mature woman I couldn’t “get a grip” on things.

    I can’t understand or explain it to myself; so, how do I try to explain it to others? Sometimes, I find it too exhausting on top of everything else–easier to “duck & hide”, which of course is not the answer.

    Michelle’s words helped me to know someone REALLY gets it — really understands what I am going through.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s great to hear from you, Vicky!

      Michelle’s ability to share her insight–as well as my own thoughts–is incredible. She’s a blogger that I follow and learn from her each time I read her work.

      Michelle has a way of making it okay to leave the questions behind and look forward to what is … wise beyond her years, for sure! I hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. Robin, thanks for sharing my blog. It’s a huge compliment. I like the way people like you are able to connect with what I’m experiencing. So everyone of you help me as much as I help you. 🙂

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