Lew & Robin 2015I saw a post on social media to all those who say they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He charged that it was a cop-out when they say, “We celebrate Valentine’s Day every day. This is just a commercial holiday!”

I know some folks believe that, but this was my reply.

“Sorry, but I’m one of those gals who isn’t moved by Valentine’s Day cards. I watch guys stand in front of the card section at the grocery store, looking at each other, trying to figure out what would cost the least amount of money and effort to check off the list that they put effort into the holiday. These attitudes don’t do anything for me.

“Instead, this is what moves me to tears …

“My husband brings me breakfast in bed Monday through Friday because he wants to honor me. He doesn’t get upset when I hog the remote and will sit with me through sappy love movies–and even uses as many tissues as I do. He tells me that I’m beautiful when I know I’ve gained weight and never misses making over my latest haircut, even when it looks less than stellar. But what I find most loving and sexy, is this man loves God first and me second. If that isn’t showing love to me, I don’t know what does.

“My friend, my husband and I DO celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.

“Y’all can have fun on February 14th. Buy your cards and eat in crowded restaurants. You’ll get no judgment from me. But know that I’ll be curled up on my couch with my husband, catching up on DVR’d TV shows, munching on popcorn and thanking God that I’ve been blessed with a man who understands my heart.”

If you’ve been blessed, please enjoy your sweetie in the manner that suits you best.

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Every Day

  1. Enjoy your snuggle! My husband and I will be following your lead. Well, we’ve celebrated Valentines Day this way for 50 years. However, there was one year he planted a rose bush on Valentines in our yard in our new house one year. Like you, Robin, we appreciate the quiet time together that’s presence enough. 😉
    Happy Valentines Day, my friend.

  2. Very beautifully written Robin. Having a spouse who puts God 1st makes all the difference in a marriage relationship. My wife and I are at 28 years. It is funny when people at work would ask where did I go for valentines day, and I would say nowhere, just stayed home for a quiet evening with me wife! Something we both enjoy. 🙂

      1. You are very welcome. It is my pleasure Robin. It is all God’s grace. Where would we be without it?
        Just noticed your blog is on WordPress, am honoured to follow you. Looking at your sidebar, you have very incredible ministries. I love that spiritual wisdom in others as well. So glad I found you (which came about through your Twitter follow). God is using you an amazing ways.

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