PoliticsThe election happened. It’s over.

Some people are happy with the outcome, Many, however, are fearful of America’s future; even demonstrating in the streets. Some colleges have gone so far as to cancel classes, hand out soothing hot chocolate and even assign comfort dogs to students.

No matter what side of the discussion you’re on, we are all responsible from here on. We need to be responsible to not spew rhetoric but to listen to and speak Truth.

That means you, too, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC. I watched the evening news last night and saw well wishes offered to Mr. Trump from dictators from around the world, but they were silent when it came to the kind and welcoming words from the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. It was like you, Mr. News Anchor, wanted me to agree with your position of “I told you so, America. The entire world sees our leader as a dictator and will hate us now.”

I have turned to several sources of information because I’ve stopped dont-panictrusting the media. For me, they’ve lost all credibility.

News stations, you can fix this! Don’t give us editorialized truth. We can handle the real stuff. And we can accept what you have to say if we know you trust us to make our own decisions. We want to trust you, but you have to give us something to work with.

And my fellow neighbors, remember the children are watching us. They are learning how to maneuver Life by our examples. Let’s listen as much as we speak. Offer kindness instead of hostility. See one another as a brother or sister, not an adversary.

We are all responsible from here as to how we plan on getting through this time in our country’s history. Let’s do it with style–with class. Let’s show the world that this is still the best country around.

What do you say?


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