Fighting the Comparison Battle

dont-compareWriters tend to play the comparison game. When that happens we lose sight of what’s right before us: we are individuals. Our walks are different from anyone else’s. Our insights are different, too. Experiences. Challenges. Blessings. The sum of these plus others attributes make up the characteristics of who we are. But make no mistake, we are even more–we are Sons and Daughters of the Creator of the Universe.

Lucinda Secrest McDowell’s blog in The Write Conversation is filled with wisdom and guidance to get you through rough patches writers sometimes face.

Be unique and let God use you as He has designed. You will be forever blessed when you do.


4 thoughts on “Fighting the Comparison Battle

  1. “Be unique and let God use you as He has designed.” I love this statement. I often compare the Christian life to being a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. We are all part of the same picture — the Church — but we each have a unique place to play in that picture. The picture will be understandable if one piece is missing, or if one Christian does not do what God has called him to do, the Church will still go on. Someone else will step in and fill that role, but the blessing will be missed by the reluctant Christian. See “Perseverant Puzzling” at The Ruminant Scribe – Snapshots of God’s World and Word. Blessings to you today.

  2. Thanks, Linda! Re-reading my post, I’m sorry I limited it to just writers. You’re correct. Not meaning to take away from how wonderful and special we each are, God’s purpose is greater. If we don’t do what we’ve been designed to to, God will see to it that someone else picks up our slack. It’s the message that needs to push forward. It doesn’t matter who tells it as much as it needs to be told.

  3. Wise words, Robin! Thank you. I see writers playing the comparison game all the time and am tempted to do it myself. I keep trying to stop doing that and FOCUS on the work in front of me. Best wishes with your own work!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Joseph. I aim to rise above the temptation of comparison. It’s ugly and stealth. Some days are easier than others. But it’s always there. I’m thankful God is gracious and merciful. Can’t wait to hear about your next writing endeavor.

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