I always get Lori Roeleveld summer excited when  I see the new posts from Lori Roeleveld. Once you read her work, you’ll understand why. This post is totally worthy of sharing to as many of my readers and I possibly can.

Thank you, Lori, for showing me what it looks like to love Jesus and all those around me.

3 thoughts on “A Summer of Bingeing

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. This is a perfect example where the eye sees what it wants to see. Unfortunately, spell check didn’t catch it.

      I guess it takes a village and this villager appreciates the part you play.

      hugs, Robin

      1. I looked it up and found it can be spelled both ways so you were correct, actually. Just that it looks wrong to me. Oh the eyes can be as deceptive as our heart LOL. Have a great weekend, writer friend!

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