{Beauty} Do You Feel Disqualified?

Angela Howard’s word hit home with me. As a Christian speaker and writer, I STILL find times when I feel like I don’t measure up. But those are lies from hell. Thank you, Angela, for reminding us of what God says in His word.

Uniquely Yours Ministries

Written By: Angela Howard

Do you ever feel disqualified?  Have you experienced failure, heartbreak, or committed a sin that left you wondering if you should be benched, banned or declared ineligible for service?  I have.  It’s defeat at its highest and it’s likely a distortion of the truth.

I’m not good enough.
Why would God choose me?
When will I ever be free from sin?
I’ll never make the cut.
My hard work is all for nothing.

It’s easy to notice that this destructive internal dialogue is totally self-focused.  It’s all about shame, a little dose of self-pity and a whole lot of self-sufficiency.  It’s pretty hard to find the good news of Jesus under the weight of all that garbage.  And grace?  Well, you’ll be hard pressed to remember that truth.

Last week I felt like a scarlet letter had been stamped on my favourite sweater.  I was sure…

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