Thoughts from Anna McCarthy on the first time she and a handful of ladies from her church went to a strip club.




Your thoughts on serving may be changed after reading this. I know mine waskine was.

1 thought on “I went to a strip club

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, far too many (matey be even most) church goers forget that we are called to love. All people. I’m involved in celebrate recovery at my church. We had a convicted murderer who had found christ in prison who would then sit in judgement of the guys who would come to our recovery ministry, new to christ and new to the church. He would chide and preach to ministry leadership about letting these guys cuss and smoke outside of Gods house. Our pastor had to very gently remind him that if christ was at the church in any Friday night, he would not be inside judging and angry at those newcomers. He would be outside listening to their stories and loving them. We all too often quickly forget who it is we serve.

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