Five Things to Say to Your Adult Children

Parenting doesn’t stop when children leave home. The challenge is finding how to change our approach. Follow Shelly Jean Beach at


RunawayBoyOnRRTracksWhen my two kids hit their college years, they ran from our house like Jessie Owens at the Berlin Olympics.

And I don’t blame them. I’m pretty sure they were running from me. It wasn’t because I’d nearly snuffed out their young lives with my horrific cooking. But more because I was a Control-a-holic. Not that I would have admitted it or even recognized it back then.

I thought I was being a good mother.

A mother who happened to believe her kids should agree with her, think like her, never question her about the hard stuff, and never smoke, drink, chew or listed to that “other” music.

I panicked when they talked too much like Democrats and became old enough to make their own choices about alcohol. I panicked about their friends about things I imagined they might be doing when they were out of the house.

But I…

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