{Worth} Darkest Hour.

Personal value–we all measure it differently. But Jesus measures it the same for all of us. We all have value and their is a plan for each of our lives. Please take a moment to read the latest post from Kerrington Sweeney. You will be blessed.

Uniquely Yours Ministries

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Young Girl about 14…Damp tear filled eyes.  Messed up mascara.  Sad expression imprinted upon her face.  I could tell she was depressed. “She had it rough.” I thought to myself.

One week in our small groups at youth, I began asking the girls, about their favorite hobbies or something that really interested them.  Some it was, horse-back riding, others shopping, and then, it came time for this particularly quiet- sad looking girl, to answer this quite simple question.

The room was silenced.  We all waited in great anticipation, for a few seconds to hear her response.  She replied with…”Nothing.”

In that moment, my heart sank.  This girl, even at her young age, was already believing a lie from the enemy, that she had no purpose.  That she was nothing.  She had no reason to even be here on this earth.

Even then, while still in our…

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