focusEver find that every step you take you feel like you’re two steps behind?

That’s me. My 2016 goals are in place. I have a plan to meet each goal. And they’re good goals, too! The first week of the year went rather smoothly … pacing myself, telling myself You can do this. It’s a piece of cake!

If you’re like me,  something happens to throw you off your game. It could be the simple trip to the store for a few things that turns into buying enough supplies to get through Armageddon. Or maybe your neighbor needs you to watch their kids for a while so they can help a relative stricken with the flu. Better yet, your spouse wants to start on that project you’ve been wanting done for years—only they need your supervision.

Any of these sound familiar? All are different with one common thread: my plan to succeed vs. an opportunity to show God’s love.


When I set my goal and start executing my plan, I’ve learned I must always leave margin—or wiggle room. That allows me to set a course, but always have room to do what God asks of me. That’s my focus. God’s plan comes first.

What good would I be if I met all my goals and ignored the people around me? Mark 8:36 (NIV) says it this way, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

I need to have goals. I work well when I have a structured plan to work in. But I need to always remember that God’s plan beats my plan every time… and I’m good with that.

What helps you keep your focus?

11 thoughts on “Check Your Focus

  1. Great word, Robin. His plan is better, but my flesh fights so hard. I must commit to time in His Presence daily- or my focus gets off track faster than a racecar at Daytona.

  2. Great analogy, Kathryneann! Isn’t that always the way? I’ve learned before I delve into anything, I need to make sure it’s what God has in mind for me. Then, before the day gets its footing, I need to focus on God’s plan for me for that day. It’s ironic, I can make all the plans in the world and have all the right objectives, but if I start my day without prayer I might as well go back to bed.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your input is always spot-on. Have a great day.


    1. Thanks, Pat, for taking the time to comment and be so transparent. Isn’t it crazy what can happen in our head? We make look good on the outside, but our mind can get the better of us if we’re not careful. I’ve found not only do I get more accomplished if I stay focused, but Satan has less ground to play with if I hold a tight rein on my thoughts. I haven’t mastered it, but at least I know what I need to do.

      Comments like yours are the ones that keep me writing. Thanks again.


  3. Oh wow! I was just talking about this with my mother-in-law. I have had a habit of starting off pretty well, but tend to slack as time progesses. :/ I think accountability helps. I find encouragement is necessary for me, that’s where the Bible comes into play! I believe God wants us all to finish stong 🙂

    1. Isn’t it easy to start? Everything seems possible, than WHAM! life happens. It’s a true sign of wanting to change when we ask someone to hold us accountable. That’s not fun, so we need to be serious about it.

      Thanks, Rachel, for replying.

      Hugs, Robin

  4. This is such a good reminder for me. I have to remember that it is God’s plan that matters. Not what I want. Flesh fails, I fail. But each day that I can keep Him first, those are the days that flow so well. I get very distracted very easily. Satan doesn’t want us writing things that glorify God, that’s why it’s so easy to procrastinate and waste time. I have to keep the Lord as my hope and stay. I’ve been keeping my phone in another room on silent and praying to stay off emails and facebook in the mornings until I have some quality time with God, and writing work done. Some days go better than others…even good things can be distractions….

  5. I hold on to God’s promises that He leads me to step into. I struggle often with whether I’m really heard Him correctly when it’s something for my life directly, but don’t struggle much at all when it’s for someone else. But, whenever I keep moving forward, if only a step, the ride brings something into my life I wouldn’t want to live without.

  6. I needed this reminder today! I know it’s not the beginning of a new year, but just a regular day at home. The things I had planned for my day don’t seem to be what other’s need me to do. Am I going to be all about myself? Or am I going to take these opportunities to show God’s love? Good post!

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