Cancer, Anger, and the Old Testament

This is an honest look into a life that nobody asked for. Yet there is hope. Thanks, Kim, for sharing your heart with us.

Kim's Blog

Two confessions: I don’t read in Psalms much and this week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with anger.  These two don’t have too awful much to do with each other but God has used both to help me grasp the new reality (or I guess re-grasp the old reality) that I have cancer.  I have that poison running free in my body right now.  I have disease eating away at my insides as we speak.  And that makes me angry.  I think it would make a lot more sense to feel angry the first time around and maybe accept it more the second time, but with the news last week that my cancer has recurred and is now taking my liver hostage, I have struggled a lot with anger.  This feeling is a bit foreign to me and it actually was alarming just how much of it I was fostering.  The…

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