Definition: a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding

Watching as the US hockey team beat the USSR’s team (Miracle on Ice) at the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980. I was focused.

Watching my firstborn pick up a leaf for the first time. He looked at it, turning it over and over, taking in all its splendor. I had never experienced anything as sacred. I was focused.

Having a doctor hold my hand and say, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Luftig, but you have a tumor on your brain about the size of my fist. Do you want a priest? Could I get the hospital chaplain for you?” Focused here, too.

Most of us think our lives are hectic. But each one of us has a point where nothing distracts us—where nothing else matters more than what we’re involved with at that moment.

Our lives don’t need more highs from watching sports, or baby discoveries, or tragedies. We need to understand our purpose. Our purpose fills the void, a specific hole that only it can satisfy.

It may not be clear at first, but continue to seek your purpose. It’s exciting to be focused on your life’s purpose. See how focused this man is?

Have fun, but find your purpose. Nothing is more satisfying.

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