Waiting for Tomorrow

SunriseWe pace. We fret. We stare at our watch. What are we so anxious about?


Many who have dealt with serious physical challenges like cancer, tumors, or an assortment of medical ailments tend to hold time dear and look at life differently.

Had that pillow been so cozy before? It feels wonderful to wake up with it against my face.

The rays from the sun shine warm my insides as well as my outside.

This morning’s sunrise was spectacular. Had it ever been so beautiful before?

Had the pillow, sunshine or morning sky changed just because they were experiencing trauma? Probably not. In my case when doctors told me I may only have ten days to live, I became more cognizant of The Now.

James, the half brother of Jesus, addresses that very point. In the James 4:14 he writes, “Yet you do not know [the least thing] about what may happen in your life tomorrow. [What is secure in your life?] You are merely a vapor [like a puff of smoke or a wisp of steam from a cooking pot] that is visible for a little while and then vanishes [into thin air].” (AMP)

Take a deep breath. Look around. You may see squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. If you sit quietly outside  you may hear children at a nearby school playing. Or you may even experience the beauty and wonder found in silence.

Don’t wait for the beauty of the tomorrows. They will come. Be ready to take in what’s already around you.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Tomorrow

    1. Thanks, Jennifer, for reading and commenting. Isn’t it amazing how we may know to be in the present but we still try to leave it behind to experience tomorrow. This reminder is just as much for me as it is for anyone else.

      Blessings for your day!

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