I sometimes wish I could change my world.

Going through brain surgery to remove a ginormous tumor—and living a blessed life afterward—gives me a glimpse of the realization that not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

Without a doubt, I thank God every morning before my feet hit the floor for the opportunity to live one more day. I understand what it’s like to see the possible end of my life come into focus. I understand what comes with looking out into the “ever after”.

But God showed me favor.

I’m thankful every day, but my heart breaks for the folks who didn’t get the news I got. It’s difficult to make eye contact with someone when they say they’ve been given a death sentence with no possibility of parole; that cancer or another illness will bring a premature death.

Was I spared so I could tell others of the comfort that a relationship with Christ brings? He hates death to, you know. That was never part of the Father’s initial plan. But a way’s been made for us—beyond death.

But how do I say you don’t have to take this part of the journey by yourself? How do I tell others that even if God doesn’t offer a miraculous healing, he still loves you to the point of offering a way out of pain forever? He’s promised to “never leave us nor forsake us”, unfortunately not to always heal our bodies.How do I say there’s hope?

I say it prayerfully and respectfully and ask God to give me the words.

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