I wonder …

Ever wonder how two people are afflicted with the same type of brain tumor one goes on to live a fulfilling life while the other one can’t?

Ever wonder why when two people are afflicted with the same type of brain tumor one praises God for the outcome and the other one blames God?

Ever wonder how life can seem so easy for some and yet so incredibly difficult for others?

I think God may wonder, too.

3 thoughts on “I wonder …

  1. I really do not think God wonders at all. He knows the heart. He records our actions and choices we make. The only thing he may wonder is why others will not surrender to Him. Seek Him in holiness. Fear the Lord in reverence. I wonder this very same thing. Sometimes, it’s the prayer and faithfulness of friends/family to move God to heal.

    Thankful you have received God’s healing.

    In Christ love, Vicki

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Vicki, and sorry I didn’t see you at BRMCWC last May.

      I agree with you when you say God knows all because he knows everything about us from the beginning of time. But looking at God with limited sight, I sometimes need to paint him with human characteristics to uderstand. When bad things happen in our lives and we get all upset and turn away from him, do you think he says, “What more can I do to convince you I have a plan?” Or maybe, “I love you beyond your comprehension. This isn’t the end. Can you believe me?” There are so many things we do not know when it comes to the heart of God. I ponder over what he may wonder. Blessings to you dear friend.

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