Christians are Messed Up People AND They are Perfect People

Caroline understands what it is to be a Christian and explains it very well in her latest post. I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

In an incredible oversimplication, I am going to make a statement, “There are two types of nonchristians.” They are:

1. Those that believe that christians are really screwed up. They are wrong.

2. Those that believe that christians are perfect people. They are wrong.

They are both wrong, but they can not both be right. (This sounds a little like “who is on first” if you know that joke).

Ok. First, those that believe Christians are really screwed up. Yes! Christians are so messed up, they realize that they need Jesus. That is the definition of a Christian: A sinner that seeks Jesus for forgiveness. I, myself, claim how messed up Christians are constantly in my writings. But these are the people that conclude: christianity is not true because Christians sin. They walk away from the church because they are a bunch of hypocrites or because their christian uncle was…

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