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Michelle Counts is my guest blogger today. If you’ve dealt with a brain tumor you will appreciate  her story. If you know someone who has a brain tumor, maybe her words will help put circumstances in order. God is the Great Physician and Provider. See how he manifests himself through Michelle’s ordeal.

Michelle CountsI had suffered migraines for most of my life, but on February 18, 2015 my trip to the ER proved migraines were the least of my problems. Once at the ER things moved so quickly. Within an hour the CAT scan administered showed I had a large brain tumor and was admitted to the hospital. The next day I met with my neurosurgeon and he told me I had a left parietal occipital baseball size tumor with attachment to the superior sagittal sinus. He scheduled my surgery for February 27th.

On the day of my surgery, I asked God if he would not only see me through my surgery but also wake me quickly so my children wouldn’t worry over their unconscious mother. I took a photo of my beautiful children with me right into the operating room with me, looking at it as they sedated me.

After surgery, my neurosurgeon met with my family. He said he did all he could. The tumor was larger than they had anticipated from the scans and it was against the mid-line drain. The rest was up to God. He advised if they believed in miracles, now was the time to pray.

My family and several pastors held “church” in my recovery room. My neurologist told my mother he didn’t normally recommend recovery room visits but he would allow visitors this time because he wasn’t sure I would make it.

I woke from surgery in more pain than I ever imagine I could endure. Thankfully, the nurses made sure they kept the photo of my children with me. I remembered the photo! Glory to God I had my memory! Not only that, I also realized God had woken me quickly just as I had asked. After ten days I was able to go home and not be away from my kids. The neurosurgeon was amazed; told me it was a miracle I survived and with no major deficits.

The recovery hasn’t always been easy but I am thankful for each day I have to watch my children grow.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Nothing to do with baseball …

  1. What a wonderful story Michelle. I do believe in miracles and I’m glad you and your family received one. I know your girls and you have a truly happy family. Which is awesome these days. Good luck and God bless you all!!

  2. Michelle is one of the most kindness down to earth people I know. She definitely is the poster child for being a Child of God. She fought a tuff battle but never at any time did she blame God.

    1. Susie you are absolutely the best! I am so blessed to have met you! You helped me so much when Audra got sick and through Destine’s Autism diagnosis and again when I was diagnosed with the brain tumor. You have always been such a huge moral support to me. The schools are blessed to have you and I am blessed to call you my friend.

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