Why I Quit Devotionals

I love being challenged, and Kim’s blog routinely does just that. I dare you to read her latest blog and not feel her stepping on your toes once or twice. If you didn’t feel it, maybe you aren’t being as honest with yourself as you should.

Thanks, Kim, for putting words to a frustrating feeling many experience.

Kim's Blog

I have officially quit reading devotionals! I think they are great resources, I think they’ve helped a lot of people (myself included) make sense of things in life, and I believe for the most part that those that write them are called to do so, to share their message. So why in the world would I give up on them? For a number of reasons actually, but mainly, I found they were hindering my spiritual growth.

Please let me explain.

1. I was getting frustrated that I could only go as deep as Sara Young did. Or Beth Moore. Or whoever wrote the Daily Bread that day. My growth stopped where theirs stopped. I was framing my mind to think like them, to see the world and God how they did. My daily dose of “hang in there” was coming from Max Lucado, not from Jesus himself. Devotionals became where…

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