wonder woman

Life is full of challenges, difficulties and trials. But there are also moments of victory. It’s our responsibility to seek those moments out.

When I saw this picture on the Today website, my heart leaped for joy. This girl and her family understood the power in searching for victories.


April 1, 2011, I had a seizure that led doctors to find a fist-sized tumor on my brain. They gave me ten days to put my affairs in order. That ten-day period was an endeavor in faith that led me to listen to the wise words from my wonderful husband and friends. They all told me they didn’t have answers, other to than trust God for his direction.

After surgery–when I couldn’t walk without assistance, when I couldn’t lift anything heavier than two pounds, when I couldn’t make my mind put simple thoughts together in a rational order–I struggled to find victories.

But I waited, and they came.

I watch now as others find their own victories after brain surgery. I read the excited words of a gal on a recovery website I frequent, “I can wiggle my right toes again! I’m on my way back!” Another said, “Ahh, to feel the sun on my face again after being inside for so long. This must be what heaven is like.”

I don’t have many answers, but I do know that our lives are gifts to us. I’ve learned to appreciate my experiences. I still have moments when I’m not as I was before surgery, but my sense of wonder and gratitude has grown by leaps and bounds. Bad times will come our way. It’s up to us to decide how we handle them. For me, I found comfort in Psalm 13. Hope you do, too.

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