IMG_0249I live on the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania and have a beautiful morning view.  The other day I noticed (from the warmth of the inside) that the recent cold weather had frozen the river. The ice had found its home and locked everything down tight. When I walked outside and got closer to the bank, however, I found something altogether different. I could hear the rush of the water streaming down the river under the cover of the ice. Check out the video and listen carefully for the sounds of moving water.

Isn’t that how our lives work sometime? We look all fine and dandy on the outside, but our lives are out of control on the inside. Our souls are raging along, just as the water was under the ice did in front of my house.

We face challenge after challenge and sometimes wonder if God even cares. We pray and ask him to fix a problem, change an angry friend–all in all, anything to make life better. We pray to God for an answer, but the world around us looks the same. But is it?

God hears every prayer. Just because we don’t see the results immediately doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. Remember, he’s more interested in the heart than on what the eye sees. He starts his work on the inside. Read Daniel 9:23, “As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed…”

The angels went into action as soon as Daniel prayed!

Seek out God. Know your prayers are being heard. Like the rushing water that’s out of sight, just because you don’t see anything, don’t think there’s nothing there.

4 thoughts on “Still Waters, Raging Rivers

  1. Love the visual metaphor and your reflections on our sometimes raging lives. You did a nice job of simultaneously using the river alive under the ice to represent our out-of-control lives others can’t see as well as the work of God in our lives that we can’t always detect. Both so true. Enjoying your blog and your inspiration.

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