Daniel Fast picWe’re standing on the threshold of a new year … 2015. What will it hold for us? What purposes are waiting for us?

I will be participating in the 21-Day Daniel Fast starting January 1. This is something I have been doing in one form or another for the past six years. If you have ever thought about fasting but never understood its power or significance, here are a few reasons why people fast.

  • Fasting can help you sense God’s voice more clearly
  • Fasting can help you recognize God’s work in your life
  • Fasting can help move you from self-centered praying to powerful intercession on behalf of others
  • Fasting can fuel your body with food that won’t leave you feeling guilty
  • Fasting can help you focus on God while feasting on tasty recipes and His powerful Word

Please come join me. I will be using the Kristen Feola’s guide. I used it last year and was quite pleased with it. Kristen’s guide is more than a cookbook. It has devotions, fasting facts, and meal plans to help you along on your fasting journey. Here’s a great 8+minute video that explains a bit about fasting.

I realize it may not fit your schedule or diet restrictions, but please prayerfully consider joining me. Remember, the Lord invites us to draw close to him. We can count on his promise in Matthew 5:6 … Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.


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