Mark and Grace Driscoll with family
Mark and Grace Driscoll with family

It’s saddened my heart to read and hear these past months of the choices and consequences of Mark Driscoll. It also confused me, because I thought I had heard the voice of a man who loved Jesus–and loved Jesus first.

It appears that Driscoll got caught up being Mark Driscoll. But the responses from some well-mean Christians made me sad as well.

Robert Morris, Senior Pastor of Dallas’ Gateway Church hosted a conference for pastors a few weeks ago. Driscoll had initially been invited to speak, but instead asked if he could just attend to learn and be ministered to. The like below offers a short video from the beginning of the conference where Morris voices what has been bothering me. “It’s very sad that in the church, we’re the only army that shoots at our own wounded. And I’d like you to stop it.”

I, too, would like us all to stop shooting our wounded–you may find yourself wounded one day and need a bit of grace for yourself. Check out this article and video. Let me know your thoughts. .


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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! For us who thought we were completely unlovable, comprehending and accepting God’s grace is as sweet as honey. If I ever think I’m all “graced up” and not in need of any more, I’ll be in a heap of trouble.

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