did God really sayI’ve been so focused on working out the bugs in my manuscript that I’ve hardly come up for air.

I hate what I become when that happens. I become boring and a bit self-absorbed.

I can make it so that it isn’t my fault. “But God’s directing me to write!” or another one of my favorites is “If I’m not productive, God will take these ideas away and have someone else write them.”

I’m disgusted with myself when that happens. And I have the audacity to bring God into it!

How do you shake off the grip of egotistical living? What brings you to your senses and pulls you up for air?

6 thoughts on “Who Really Said It?

  1. For me, removing myself from what’s consuming me helps. I sometimes have to force myself to break away. I can’t remember what’s really important unless I expose myself to it!

    1. Great suggestion!

      I’m amazed how I try to manipulate my time. I know if I spend time in meditation/prayer or even reading something completely separate from what I’m writing helps me keep my focus. Unfortunately, I still catch myself jumping in without getting myself fully prepared to write.

      I have such a love/hate relationship with writing!

      Thanks, Karen for taking time to give your thoughts and insight. I count on those wiser than myself.

  2. It was in my early 20’s when folks first said I needed to write a book. That was 20+ years ago. When I discovered blogging just a few years ago, I was so excited and so driven. Finally, I was doing something significant toward this lofty goal with a God-given talent. Blogging was also a ministry and a safe place to express myself, set apart from the pain-producing parts of life.

    Then I purchased a home back in my hometown. Immediately there was a difference in me and in my world. It was obvious throughout the purchasing process and in the settling in that God blessed me with another gift, a home for me physically, mentally and spiritually. I am in a rural setting, a bit secluded, but just a stone’s throw removed from “society”. There is an incredible atmosphere of peace here and all who come are amazed at even the smallest details of the property and the home. Yet is so simple and unassuming.

    Being a homeowner has shifted me into being more active physically, which is a challenge because I have cerebral palsy and has shifted me from working to become “somebody in a society”. Instead of now being driven to bring healing and hope to the world, I am basking in the healing and the hope that God is pouring out on me. HE is drawing me to HIMSELF, which in turn draws others to see a difference in me, which then can be turned back to HIM. There is more quietness and resting mentally and spiritually rather than a driveness and need to proclaim to the world that I found the miracle key to joy and freedom. I do not speak or share my thoughts as often, not so much a public service announcement but rather to individuals whom God has brought my way.

    This has not been a direct and succinct response to your inquiry and for this apologize. Perhaps I can sum it up simply by saying that God is calling me more to HIMSELF and less to the world at large; HE chooses whom HE sends my way rather than me going out to work for the good of all.

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I am amazed how God works. Seldom do I see him travel straight lines. For example, when he has blessed me, it’s rarely the end of the transaction. I find that my blessing can bless others.

      Your writing is a blessing to me. Thanks for taking the time to comment. You always have good points to share.

  3. Hey Robin….I was so self-absorb this week & consumed with “me”, so your blog hit home in sort of a different way. I guess we all fight not making things about us, but about Jesus and what he has called us to do.
    Missed you today at Lighthouse. Thanks for your writings.

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