cupcakeYesterday was my birthday. I’ve had more than some, but less than I want.

My life has been so richly blessed I can hardly believe it. I have a husband who loves me and whom I adore. He’s been an incredible gift; one that I have never deserved. I have three kids whom I love more than I ever thought possible and they love me back. Again, more than I deserve.

It wasn’t always this way. Life was once very dark for me. I was living a life filled with compulsions that almost took away everything that God had planned for me. But with God’s grace and mercy, (grace being what God gives that we don’t deserve and mercy being what God doesn’t give that we do deserve), he lovingly offered redemption.

There it is, the reason I want to have more birthdays. Each year brings with it a new promise of purpose. Not just any purpose, but God’s purpose for my life.

That’s spectacular!

Yes, yesterday was a great day. It was a day of celebration of a life—my life—that is filled with purpose. It wasn’t wrapped with pretty paper and a bow, but it was the best gift ever!

And the chocolate cake was yummy!

I would love to hear your story of redemption.

9 thoughts on “It was a great day

    1. Thanks, Heather. No apology necessary. Your notes and kind words are welcome any time. I can’t imagine this upcoming year being any better than the last. I have come to value your friendship! Thanks for taking the time to write your comments. You rock! Hugs, R

    1. Thanks, Karen. My peace didn’t come easily, but it’s more valuable I could have imagined all those years ago. And you’re right, chocolate is the prefect celebration companion. And thanks for taking the time to drop a comment. Warmly, Robin

    1. Great point, Tina! Holding onto peace is a journey. My aha moment was when I realized I could be … I was worthy … of being redeemed. My life and perspective changed right then and there. Thanks for dropping a note, and keep me posted on your journey. R

  1. Well said my friend… I’m just getting caught up on e-mails. (due to a week of VBS at Lighthouse) so Happy belated Birthday.

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