2013Every January I start the new year with a food fast. Trying to accept my brokenness may have contributed to my attitude, but I find something exciting about the experience of a fast. I start the fast for two reasons. First, my weight has been a challenge because I’m still dealing with the ramifications of brain surgery as well as thyroid issues (both benign, I am happy to say). I also tend to partake in richer foods than I should and have not had as much time on the bike as I’d like. It’s good to have a time set aside for the cleansing that comes from a fast.

But committing to a fast is more than just changing my diet. It’s more than the physical experience for me. It’s also a spiritual one. It’s about remembering who I am; remembering what’s important to me. It’s about setting time apart to think on what’s essential in life. When I have participated in a fast in the past, I would get hungry or have a graving for a favorite food. But those were the moments that I remembered, Father I am hungry for food, but I’m more hungry for you than food.

When I fast, promises abound.  It’s about leaving the old behind and starting anew. It’s a perfect time for self-examination. Have I been leaning on delusional thinking? Have I been self-absorbed?  Have I put myself before others? Boy, I would like a latte, but Father, I need to feel your presence more.

Prayers seem more finely tuned and personal. I truly cherish the experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you see me in January and I seem lost in thought,  be kind to me. It’s probably a good guess that I’m processing lessons learned while craving a Snicker’s bar.

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