In a few days I’ll be heading back to the hometown of my youth for a few days of vacation. I’ll be seeing some friends that I haven’t seen for over 30 years. I’ll also be seeing members of my family that I haven’t seen for quite a while. I’m excited to be sure, but also am dealing with some trepidation.

How odd it is that our life expectations can change; we become something different from what we were all those years earlier. Have we become more than what we were; bigger than what we were previously? Or have we become a shadow of what our dreams were then? Will old friends be pleased to see me or be disappointed in who I’ve become?

And on top of that, will I be disappointed when I realize they have changed too?

Sometimes it’s hard to say.

Life’s experiences hit us all. I can honestly say that even though life has not been all that easy and I have made some colossally bad decisions, I’m better because of the experiences. I’ve learned that offering up all those dark corners of my life to Christ allows him to cover them with the healing blood that flowed for the grace and mercy offered to me.

So if they’re disappointed in who I’ve become, Christ loves me.

If they can’t get beyond my brokenness, Christ loves me.

If I let them down and took a different path than they did, Christ loves me.

Funny, looking back doesn’t seem as daunting as it once did …

because Christ loves me.

10 thoughts on “Questions on Looking Back …

  1. That’s a great reminder for all of us when we’re going back home OR just going around the corner. Regardless of how others view us – or how their views may change, Christ loves us. And that never changes.

  2. Those who are seeing you for the first time after a long absence may be having the same doubts, concens and questions. It’s human nature. It is possible, too, that there will be someone who does not know the One who gives you strength and stability and confidence. It is possible that you have an advantage that they do not have.

    Stepping back into the arena of the past is for the Enemy not unlike visiting an amusement park for us. There are many rides to ride and games to play.

    Celebrate who you are. Be aware of the rides and games; be mindful that you are not a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. But by all means, simply enjoy a vacation–a time set apart from the activities of daily living to regroup, refresh and relax.

    1. Great insight, Debbie! I’ve been spending time praying for just that … binding the enemy’s plans of destruction.My plan is the embrace and get re-acquainted with my wonderful friends.

      Thanks for always taking an interest in me and my blog. R

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