Ever find yourself in a space in time when nothing seems to be going wrong and your life is just perfect? Hair looks good … clothes fit great … car’s just right. Everything you do is as you always hoped it would be and you can’t think of one change to make, right?

No? Well me neither … or have I?

When I see or hear of celebrities shopping the boutiques of Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, it seems natural for society to think of them as the “Perfect, Beautiful People”. They appear to have all the lovely things a person could want. They have money; possessions, perfect bodies, and are loved and adored by many. It seems dreamy to think of a life like that. Watch television or read the magazine articles reported on them, and this life is promoted as the brass ring we all need to reach for. Total perfection; hard work rewarded by the trinkets and baubles offered by society.

Then I look at my life.

When I walk down any street where I live I am rarely noticed by those around me. I wear fashion that does not set me apart. At any time you can find someone driving a newer car than mine, wearing nicer clothes or jewelry, or living in a bigger or nicer house than I live in. And trust me, “perfect body” is not the first thought that comes to the person who first meets me.

Far from the perfect life … or is it?

Webster’s Dictionary defines perfection as freedom from fault or defect. Hmmm, that’s a pretty awesome picture.

It’s true that I don’t need security guards for protection because of all my money or fine possessions. And it’s also true that I have never had a celebrity news team show up at my door to do a story on my life.

I have made some pretty bad mistakes in my life … in fact, some very similar to the mistakes reportedly made by Hollywood’s beautiful celebrities. But my saving grace was that I chose … saving grace. I assure you that if I could have fixed it all by myself, I wouldn’t have needed God’s grace. But that was just not possible. And as soon as I realized my limitations, I also realized that there was another who was Limitless. With the peace I gained from letting go of the illusion of control over the broken areas in my life, I learned that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I may not be loved and adorned by the millions of people around me, but I am loved by the ones that count.

And that is total perfection.

I think I’ll pass on the trinkets and baubles for now … I’ll save mine for later.

6 thoughts on “I Have It … All?

  1. Robin, what a lovely piece! I relate to it so much. And honestly, bizarrely, I have never been happier than I am right now in my life. It’s strange, for sure. So little has to do with my circumstances and so much has to do with new tools I have for responding them. I am so blessed and so blessed to know you! You are such a wonderful person, Robin. A true gift to me. One of my favorite people–and I’ve never met you. Go figure. 🙂 Hugs, Heather

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we’ve connected without ever being face-to-face? You have become one of my go-to people when healing insight is needed. Can’t wait to have the opportunity to meet someday. Hugs back to you!

  3. I totally relate to what you’re saying. Sometimes I feel so consumed by my life that I forget to appreciate how well God provides for my family. We struggle financially but we have so much of what’s really important. I needed this reminder today to thank God for always giving us what we need. Thank you Robin.

  4. I am so glad this spoke to you,Karen. This has been written for a few weeks but I never thought it was the right time to post. God nudged me today to pull it back out and rework it a bit; looks like He was preparing the stage for you to receive it just when you needed it.

    This, my friend, is a good day.

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