Hustling … bustling … doesn’t feel Christ-like to me.

Before you paint me as being judgmental, please know I catch myself falling into the traps of the Christmas holiday season, too. But what’s the deal? I understand God’s greatest gift was put into motion when Jesus was born; the gift of the possibility of eternal presence with The Father. I understand that when Jesus was a small child three wise men brought him gifts fit for a king; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

So how did we reduce all this symbolism to re-gifting last year’s fruitcake?

Take a moment out of your day. Do some deep-cleansing breathing and reflect. Reflect on what has already been given to you. Think on what you already possess that reflects on eternity. And ponder about what has been given to you that royalty also has: children (if you’re a parent), your health (it is a gift that you could lose at any moment), and the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

It’s still a wonderful time of year if we take a moment and think about its true meaning.

Merry Christmas!

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