Since my surgery last April, I have had the awesome opportunity to see all sorts of experiences differently. That is, in part, to the exposure I’ve had with some pretty amazing people.

I continue to follow different people I’ve met on and am amazed how I am always blessed by their words. I follow a man who also had brain surgery but continues to praise his creator all the same. I’ve been moved to tears reading the journal of a mommy whose seven-year-old little girl has dealt with cancer, chemo, MRI’s and unending lab work—yet continues to have hope. Then there’s the single mother of four special needs teenagers who has to continually find help due to her many trips in and out of the hospital for a myriad of serious physical problems.

These are just a sample of some of the stories on the CaringBridge site. Some of the people on this site are dealing with incredible medical issues, yet many times they are the first to share words of encouragement to the friends and family in their lives. That is apparent from the notes written on their guestbooks.

Thank you, my CaringBridge family, for sharing hope in what look like hopeless situations. I’ve learned lots from you about the power of controlling one’s perspective. I will continue to follow my favorites.

Treat yourself and check out this site. If you do, your life will be blessed.

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