Service or Selfishness

Have you ever spent time considering where you stand on Service or Selfishness? Service is giving to others. Selfishness … even privately … makes everything about me. How many times do we do good things saying they’re for others while all along the actions are for one’s own advancement?

For example, have you ever helped someone with their yard work only to be able to ask to borrow their hedge clippers? You can say, “it’s only fair,” but if you didn’t start the exchange with full disclosure of your intention, this form of service is only a form of manipulation. This is an area I work at constantly. It’s true I find joy in serving, but I need to ask myself am I serving because I want to, or am I serving because of what it gets me? Do I serve others because of what I get out of it (joy satisfaction, praise) or is it because I want to make it about what others need?

Kick it up a notch and think about why do I serve Christ? Is it because of the praise I get from my Christian peers? Do I serve because of what is promised to me in heaven? Or do I serve only to praise? Some days I can honestly say that serving for the sake of praise wins out, but not always.

 Let’s remember that serving to promote our greatness has never been a part of God’s plan of service to Him. What do you think?


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